Just how much do you know about braids?
Jul 06, 2019
Just how much do you know about braids?
Braiding means taking three or more hair groups to intertwine with each hair strand gathered in small or large portion. Up to this day, people are still trying to unmask and continue to create new hairstyles that make everyone go crazy.
Although we all know that braids can also cause hair damage if worn daily and if it is done tighter but there are still a lot who wants to style their hair with braids, while others wear braids as a culture. Some either want to change hairstyle to look good about themselves or experiment how will it change their outward appearance.

Facts about braids
  1. Braids came from ancient Egypt about 3500 BC to socialize with other people since it takes a lot of time to do the braids. This tradition of braiding in ancient Egypt has been passed down from generation to generation and they are still using it up to this date. People especially women wear braids down to scalp even at a very young age because they believe that braids make their hair grow faster and longer.
    Braids are not only for long hair people. If your hair is short hair, then you can go short braid. There are available braids just for you, so you can also enjoy it. So, don’t fret!
    Want a braid to few days longer? Well, the secret is to create a tighter fishtail braid and you can sleep on it for 2-3 days. Use a satin pillow or wrap hair in a silk scarf.
    Braids can last for 12 weeks. That is if you know how to take care of your braid with proper cleansing and moisturizing then it’s very possible, but a long time will also mean breakage. So please be careful.
    The fastest person who did a person’s braid is Aycan Kemal from the UK. It only lasted for 15 minutes to complete 26 braid styles.
    Unicorn braids are considered weird but beautiful because adding colour to it will make you stand out in the crowd.
  1. Different Kinds of Braiding Includes:
    1.Regular Braid- 3 groups of hair intertwine with each other
    2.French Braid- It is also known as the La Tresses Africani in France.
    3.Dutch Braid- It is adding strands of hair while you braid passing it from side to side and underneath the hair.
    4.The upside-down braid- This is like a Dutch braid but ending in a messy bun trailing up from the back of the head.
    5. The milkmaid braid- Most of the people doing this kind of braid attends special occasions like a wedding ceremony or formal party since it looks very elegant. 2 braids that are wrap in your head.
    6.Fishtail Braid- Small portions of hair and split it into 2 sections.