Sevich® Hairline & Root Touch Up Powder

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Say goodbye to insecurities with our new Sevich hairline powder! The tried and true Comfort-Wear Formula is infused with natural ingredients and an exclusive complex that makes sure you get thicker and fuller hair.

  • Natural Ingredients
  • Lightweight But Not Overpowering Or Obvious
  • Covers A Bigger Area More Easily
  • Transfer-Free Finish
  • Made For All Hair Types

Whether you're struggling with grey hair roots, thin hair, baby hair, you name it - this one gets the job done. It's far superior to many other higher end products of its kind, especially price wise since you get one powder extra for free!

The sponge applicator makes it easier than ever to blend in the powder. Forget sprays or brushes! Those make your hair feel sticky and yucky.

As a bonus, thanks to its natural formula you don't have to wash your hair as often due to the refreshing effect it has.

  • Water And Sweat Proof
  • Long Lasting - Stays Put Until You Wash Your Hair
  • Cruelty Free - Never Tested On Animals

 Once you try it on you won't know how you ever lived without it!

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Ruchi Luchmun
Apr 18, 2020
helps blend the hair to make it appear fuller, definitely would recommend
Akshay Ganesh
Apr 18, 2020
I got this for my mom, she was highly reluctant to try it but she loved it once she did. Would highly recommend to anyone experiencing hair loss or grey hair :)
Karisma Patel
Apr 18, 2020
This stuff is fantastic!!! Dealing with thinning hair on top for a while. Covers up my scalp so you don't even see it no definitely makes me look like I have no hair loss.
Ugo Nwoji
Apr 18, 2020
My wife loves it and has told her mother as well. Would highly recommend
Ashley Chow
Apr 18, 2020
I love this stuff and will be using this product daily from now on. I feel like it has really made me look like I have more hair, even though it isn't one of those texture hair fiber products
Amanda Okeke
Apr 18, 2020
My mother in law loves it :), would highly recommend
Cilia Moorat
Apr 18, 2020
My mom loves it and I just ordered another one, thank you wavy beauty
Samantha Horvath
Apr 18, 2020
wonderful product, would highly recommend
Ogechi Obidike
Apr 18, 2020
I love the packaging, it really helps my mom and she loves it
Chinyelu Moneke
Apr 18, 2020
Beautiful product, it hides my grey hair and blends it to be black. would highly recommend to anyone
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