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Keeping curls, locs, braids, sisterlocks moisturised but not greasy, can be a challenge. Not anymore with our Loc-It-In moisture spray. Mist this coconut oil and silk-infused spray directly on hair to hydrate and moisturise locs and braids, without making them greasy or slippery. Soothing essential oil of lavender makes it great for use on the scalp, making it perfect for those who frequently wear braided styles. Safe enough for children.


This spray also works for loose natural hair, if you want the moisture without the detangling benefits of the Knot-Free Detangling Spray. 


100 ml, 250 ml, 500ml refill (no spray nozzle)

Ingredients: de-ionised water, polysorbate 80,  vegetable glycerine, coconut oil,caprylic capric glycerides,  liquid silk, allantoin, panthenol, polyquaternium-7, essential oil of lavender, phenoxyethanol and ethyhexylglycerin, fragrance, citric acid
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Isabel Okeke
Feb 04, 2020
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