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The antioxidants and Vitamin E help the hair grow healthier by boosting cell production. Many regrowth clinics use this oil to help with hair retention. Vitamin E helps the oil repair the damage caused by overuse of chemicals and dyes.
A certified organic product. Its light, nutty scent indicates the oil has not been refined. No additives or perfumes have been used to remove real nutrients – EcoCert Certified.
Suitable for all skin and hair types
Helps with beard dandruff and prevention
Helps with beard scalp damage and brittle beard hairs
Contributes to beard growth
A pre-shaving & post shaving product
Great for dry skin conditions
Promotes healing and anti-acne properties by balancing the skins moisture
Non-greasy & fast absorbing
Eliminates frizz with soft and shiny results
Alcohol free
Silicone free
Vegan friendly
Animal cruelty free
UV protective glass bottle to prolong life span.
Made with Argan oil from Morocco

It's imperative for every person to strike a balance in their busy days. We offer that by providing luxurious hair services such as hot towel shaves, the perfect skin fade and 100% organic argan oil. There was no 100% organic oil in the beard oil industry so we wanted to educate and bring something pure and beneficial to the market. Argan is a natural nut grown in only 1 part of the world. Containing an abundance of Vitamin E & antioxidants, argan oil is suitable for hair and skin. No additives, no chemicals and no fragrances so the oil has maximum benefit on the skin & hair. We're a transparent company and believe being honest and truthful to our customers is the only way we can succeed.
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