Jun 11, 2019
These Tips will help you live a better life

No matter how dedicated you are to your daily skin care routine, clear, healthy, radiant skin actually begins from within. In fact, there are some foods that are especially good for your skin

“When it comes skin health, I like to focus on specific nutrients, that help to protect, heal, and moisturize,” Majorie Cohn, RDN and founder of MNC Nutrition told Woman’s Day. “This happens on a cellular level, therefore it’s important to choose high quality foods (organic, fresh, local – if possible) that contain these essential nutrients.” From staying hydrated and minimizing fine lines to banishing pesky adult breakouts, the secret to younger-looking skinjust may be sitting in your fridge. Click through to find out the best foods to eat for skin — then get to the grocery store.

Looking and feeling your best starts with the food on your plate. What you eat is one of the biggest factors in your overall wellness, and it makes a huge difference in how you look. Think about it: when you subsist on sugary pastries and salty snacks, how do you look and feel compared to when you’re eating clean? Nutrients that keep your skin supple, your hair full and shiny, and your nails strong are found in some pretty basic everyday foods. And if you load up on these fruits, veggies, and healthy sources of fat, you’ll look as good as you feel! What you eat helps take care of your body from the inside out. Nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables, whole grains and healthy fats can help reduce your risk of chronic diseases like cancer and diabetes. But what you eat also affects how you look on the outside.

When it comes to eating for better skin, "no fat" is no good. In a study, Japanese women on a low-fat diet (50 grams of total fat daily) had less skin elasticity than those who ate 74 g per day. And women who ate only 14 g of saturated fat had more wrinkles than those who got 23 g (which is the recommended upper limit in the U.S.). Fat is a building block of skin tissue, so enjoying a healthy dose may help keep your face looking younger. Some evidence suggests that going overboard on fat may make wrinkles worse, so balance is key. Healthy fats include avocados, olive oil, fish and nuts. In addition, a healthy diet is essential for both your hair and skin. Especially make sure you get loads of fish oil in, as fish oil moisturizes both the hair and skin. Fresh fruits and vegetables, lots of water and fish will all get you on your way to healthiness.

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