Aug 03, 2019
See what vital nutrients your skin needs

Dermatologist-Approved Ingredients You Need for Your Skin Care Routine 

In the pursuit of a healthy skin we are continually confronted by various products, remedies and more and they all claim superiority. But when it comes down to it, it’s all about the ingredients. A particular product can claim as much as it wants to be a cure-all, but if you know your ingredients you can quickly sniff out the imitators from the true powerhouses. With that said, we would share with you four of the big-time players in the world of skin care as recommended by board-certified dermatologist. 

1. Alpha Hydroxy Acids: This is a naturally occurring, nonabrasive exfoliant. It refines and evens the skin without irritation. It Promotes new skin cell development for a brighter, firmer complexion and can increase the thickness of deeper layers of skin, promoting firmness. 


2. Peptides: This is a nutrient-rich protein that assists weakened communication within aging skin. It directly helps to repair and halt skin damage and has the ability to decrease roughness and uneven skin texture. It penetrates deep within the skin for accelerated results. 

3. Vitamin C: It Protects against free radical sun damage and it accelerates the skin’s natural repair systems. It is essential for normal cell growth and collagen production as well as promoting an improvement in sun spots and discoloration. 

4. Retinol: A remarkably unique, vitamin A derivative. It accelerates cellular turnover and cellular repair. It promotes growth of new, healthy skin cells and sloughs away dead cells that cause dullnes

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