Loc it in daily moisture

Guys! I am taken a back by this product! Yes I am wearing a wig in this clip but I use wigs as a protective style for my curls. We have to remember to take care of what god gave us! Natural hair should never be neglected!

A lot of us say natual hair is too time consuming! Tiis product kills two bird with one stone! Not only does it save me the time and effort that I would have otherwise spent buying 3-4 Different oils and mixing them myself, it gently moisturuses and doesnt leave my hair feeling greasy! Its very hair to find this in a lot of products!

I recommned use after your daily showers! Always leave you hair exposed so you hair can catch some of the droplets whilst in the shower! Post shower, the folicles in your hair should be open and ready to absorb the nutrients of this product! 


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